By Jason

As TEARFund’s preferred online services provider we were approached in August 2007 to develop a website that would enable people to gift donations to people.

The donations are actual physical products, such as goats, pigs, wells, school books, that are then given to the people that really need them around the world through the many projects that TEARFund manage.

The target market for this website was Christmas so we had time targets to meet as well as budget requirements (charities just don’t seem to have the same size budgets as corporates…), we decided on using PHP for this development as we could quickly turn it around.

The Gift For Like website is a full e-commerce solution with a couple of add ons, it makes use of DPS for the credit card payments, this is the PXAccess hosted solution from DPS.

One of the interesting add ons was the ability for the buyer to purchase the gift in either a physical card format or an e-card, in this case it was decided that the e-card should be a text based email with a PDF attachment, this is where the fun began. The PDF attached e-card would be generated on the fly as the PDF needed to carry a picture of the gift the buyer purchased and a personal message to the recipient.

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