By Jason

TEARFund approached us early in the new year to discuss how they could leverage the GiftForLife website we built for them the previous year now that the Christmas rush was over.

TEARFund came up with the idea of a gift registry, where people could set up an event (wedding, birthday, memorial, etc) that they could give to people to make donations rather than buying gifts for them.

We provided consulting services to TEARFund so that we could come out with a clear workable brief so that each party knew upfront what the deliverables were to be.

We took a copy of the existing GiftForLife website as a base and worked in several new functions into the site, we choose the copy route rather than extending the existing website because TEARFund had requested that the two websites would operate independently, having different reporting, different gifts, different products, to name a few.

On the RegistryForLife website you create yourself an account and from there you can then generate an event, you can customise your event with a description and upload some photos to it. You then distribute a link to your event to your friends etc where they can then purchase gifts that are added to your event. A running total of all gifts and messages added to your event is then viewable on your event page.

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